Dona Rafaela Amestegui Canales de la Cerda

Dona Rafaela Amestegui Canales de la Cerda married Francisco Ravest and is therefore the”mother” of the Chilian, (and hence UK), Ravests.

She was the daughter of don Francisco Amestegui and dona Lorenza Canales de la Cerda y Leon.

Dona Lorenza came from an illustrious family which can trace its ancestry to Hernando de Canales y Villamal, Duke of Valencia.  The great-grandson of Hernando, Fernandes Canales de la Cerda, (born around 1580), came to Chile as a soldier under the command of Marcos Sotomayer in 1605.

It is possible that the de la Cerda family derive from Fernando Alfonsez III, King of Castilla y Leon, born 1201.

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