Guillermo Oliva Ravest: Update

During a visit to the Museo Maritime National in Valparaiso I was able to see the Naval record of my grandfather.  This is a major breakthrough in my family researches as it provides the first detailed information about his life. (The outline contained in an earlier post on this site summarised all that I knew prior to this recent visit.) It will undoubtedly lead on to further information being found.

Guillermo was born on 25 June 1879 in Valparaiso. His parents were Julio Enrique Ravest and Mercedes Oliva. While a naval cadet he was on board the sail training ship, Esmerelda, when she attended the 1902 Spithead Review celebrating the coronation of Edward VII.

Guillermo died on 16 November 1922 on active service on board the destroyer “Uribe”. At that time it appears that, subject to further confirmation, “Uribe” was involved in a humanitarian mission following the Vallenar earthquakes of 11 November. This earthquake was of 8.5 magnitude and triggered a powerful tsunami which reached heights of 9m. More than 1,000 died, some 500 in Vallenar.

At the time of his death Guillermo was Captan de Corbeta Ingenerios. He had served 26 years 1 month and 15 days in the Navy. He was 43 years old.

On his death his Naval pension was shared between three half sisters, Elsa, Olga and Elena Ravest  Arancibia. Elsa died 22 September 1984. Her pension share was then transferred to the two surviving sisters. The implication of this is that Guillermo was not married at the time of his death and had no children. It also suggests that none of the sisters married.

Further research has identified his parents as Julio Enrique Ravest Ensignia and Mercedes Ravest Contreras. Julio was an “Educacionista”.  Documents identify that they had other children:

Enrique Osbaldo Ravest, born Vallenar 22 August 1884

Maria Estela Ravest Oliva, born 13 October 1885

Teodosia Alberto Ravest Oliva: born Vallenar 17 July 1888, died 29 July 1889

Maria Mercedes Ravest Oliva, born Vallenar 2 November 1890

On Teodosia’s death certificate the mother’s name is give as Oliva de Ravest. The home address in Vallenar was Callo Prat 81 or possibly 80.